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Pyro-Shrooms, work in Progress.

I am working on a project inspired by my Fungi Themed Stamp Collection. There are more than 5000 Fungi stamps from around the world. While I have been collecting for a while now, there are still a lot to join my collection.

After Building My studio in the garden, we had some cladding panels left over. My interest of fungi world, art, pyrography and woodworking came together as an idea - What if?

What if I will attend to burn/draw with fire images inspired by the stamps on to my left over wood?

Of course, i will need to find more wood as i progress with the project but the seed was planted!

Each Pyro-shroom is an interpretation of a Fungi Themed Stamp ( in chronological order). First, it is drawn on paper, then i work over using an Ink/Gel pen to create a working outline. When I'm happy with the drawing it is transferred ( another drawing session) to the prepared/pre-cut piece of wood. Following with a drawing with Fire - Pyrography session.

To make my sketches I use sheets of paper that came from old Stamp Catalogues.

Idea/Spore - Plant/Draw - Recycle/Reuse - Make/New Shroom.

Here is the example:

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