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Artist Bio

Award winning Multimedia Artist. Currently based in Staffordshire, UK.

My work is inspired by nature and walking. I visualize a myriad of seen and unseen paths, imprints, made by many walkers, animals, and plants as forces that connect us.
I found myself exploring mycelium networks and the kingdom of fungi, the invisible matter beneath our feet. I am fascinated by their complexity and power, biological and scientific properties, and mythological connections that go back to prehistoric times. Metaphorical connection between spiritual, the inner soul, the environment we live in, and celestial – a ladder, mosaic, a net that entangles the world. I am inspired by works and ideas of many artists, especially Juan Miro and his dream-like abstracts and sculptures, Yayoi Kusama’s repetition of pattern and exploration of shape and colour; I also greatly admire and get inspiration from indigenous paintings, designs, and Mesoamerican art in mushroom cults.
Through the repetition of pattern, layering, colour and texture I create my own world where each mark is a step – each step is a hypha - a link that expands and grows to become a network.
The process of painting and making is like a maze – or mycelium – it moves in all directions, expands, and explores possibilities. My work is my fruiting body, my mushroom, that starts with a spore, an idea that grows and evolves into an entity of its own. In my work, I look for connections between myself, the world around me, and new ways of experiencing familiar through the unfamiliar approach and exploration. The process is important to me, and I tend to use materials as my substrate, where ideas land as a spore, and the result is a new fruit that gives way to new ideas to continue as a new link of an expanding net.

If you would like to find out more about my process, get in touch.

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